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http://www.vekn.net/forum/v-tes-invento ... lood/97758

(Dieser Thread dort hat auch eine Liste der bisher gefundenen Bugs.)
FELD updated to version 2.72.

Database updated to latest official CSV, I made few changes like remove Advanced and Cold Iron keywords and move traits to end of minion card texts.


11-NOV-2019 - 2.72

Fixed Crypt filters for antitribu clans.
Fixed Library expansion filters misaligned.
Fixed Save Deck in TXT/HTML format do not save VEKN, Event and Date info.
Fixed missing Group and Title when printing deck using Print button.

11-NOV-2019 - 2.71

Added new filters to First Blood and 25th expansions
Fixed Import/Export inventory bug with card with apostrophes
Fixed IDX and OCTGN columns on Deck Builder
Updated database to latest official CSV card list (04/NOV/2019)
Updated card images with latest texts and expansion icons

Let me know if you find any bugs.

If you already have FELD, export your inventory (to CSV) and decks (one by one manually to ELD), create a new folder to unzip and install new FELD. Then import your stuff again.

For new users just download program below and unzip it in a directory of your preference.

*Don't forget to make a backup of your current inventory if you have one.

You can also download card image files here:
To install just unpack the zip file from above link inside FELD folder. To see the images, go to program properties and mark "Show card's picture" option and restart.

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