"Life Boon" bei einem Doppel-Oust

Ihr habt Fragen zu Regeln oder Karten. Hier ist der richtige Platz um sie zu stellen
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"Life Boon" bei einem Doppel-Oust

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Ich wusste es bis vor Kurzem nicht, vielleicht geht es dem einen oder anderen wie mir:
Rudolf wrote: Scenario: 4 players (in order of prey) A, B, C and D. B is on 1 pool, C on 3. A successfully plays Kine Resources Contested and announces 1 damage on B and 3 on C. The referendum is succesful (and not delayed). Now D successfully plays Life Boon to save B. Since C is ousted, B gains 6 pool, but ...

Question: Who does get the VP? Player B or player D?

Life Boon:
Master: out-of-turn. Boon
Give pool to a Methuselah with no pool to keep him or her in the game; put this card in play. During each of his or her untap phases, you can collect 1 pool from that Methuselah. The first victory point that the Methuselah wins is given to you (unless you are ousted by then). This Life Boon is then burned.
Vincent Ripoll wrote: B gets his VP, which is immediately given to D.

LSJ wrote: Graaf Tel wrote:
> Situation: Player (A) and prey (B ) both are ousted simultaneously. Cross
> table a Life boon is played on the player (A).
> Q1: Does he (A) keep the VP he just got and loses an eventual next one, or
> does he immediately have to give the VP to the player of the Life boon?
The latter. Similarly, if the Life Boon were played on (B ) instead,
then (A) would not get the VP for (B )'s oust. Which indicates that
the Life Boon comes before the VP.

> Q2: Does he get the 6 pool for the oust of his pray ?
Quelle: http://www.vekn.net/forum/rules-questio ... ouble-oust

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Someone losing his last pool because he did not pay attention is a regular source of VPs.


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