Aus dem aktuellen VEKN Newsletter

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Aus dem aktuellen VEKN Newsletter

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VEKN Rules Director Vincent Ripoll answers some common questions related to recently reprinted cards:

Q: Unleash Hell's Fury attempts to block a vampire with superior Obtenebration. Can the vampire play Tenebrous Form at superior? If so, what happens?
A: Unleash Hell's Fury can block as if it were a 9-capacity infernal vampire. Tenebrous Form can be played at superior, and since the Unleash Hell's Fury cannot burn blood, it cannot attempt to block this action anymore.

Q: Do Carrion Crows do 1 less damage on Nephandus?
A: Nephandus reduces only the damage of "strike or damaging effect made by the opposing minion". The damage from Carrion Crows is not inflicted by the opposing minion -- it is "environmental". Therefore, Nephandus takes the full damage from the Carrion Crows!

Q: I played a Fame on one of my prey's vampire, and my prey gets ousted. What happens to the Fame?
A: As a general rule, master cards are controlled by the Methuselah who played them, and minion cards by the controller of the minion they are attached to. When your prey is ousted, all the cards your prey controls are removed from the game. Since you control the Fame, that card goes to your ash heap.

Q: Are cards removed from the game public?
A: Yes, as long as the player who owns them is not ousted. (You cannot have a peek at an ousted player's library !)

Q: A vampire with a Fame is in combat and receives enough aggravated damage to burn. Does the controller of the vampire burn 3 pool?
A: The controller of the vampire burns 3 pool after it goes to torpor. Since the vampire is burned outright, it does not go to torpor, and its controller does not lose 3 pool.

Q: Is it possible to play Obedience if not unlocked?
A: Obedience is a reaction card. By default, reaction cards can only be played by unlocked ready minions. You would need to play a wake effect first, or find a way to unlock.

Q: Is it possible to play cards such as vote modifiers or a Delaying Tactics during a blood hunt referendum?
A: There are multiple ways for a blood hunt referendum to be called:
1) it is called automatically after a diablerie
2) it is explicitly called by a card (Abactor, Bernard the Scourge...)
A blood hunt referendum is handled just like any other referendum — "blood hunt" only means that the effect of the referendum is to burn the minion it is called on, and some cards have interactions with that kind of referendum (Urban Jungle, Ariadne...) However, most of the time it results from a diablerie (case 1/). In that case, and only in that case, a special rule applies:
"When a vampire commits diablerie, a referendum is automatically conducted to determine if a blood hunt will be called on the diablerist. If the referendum passes, a blood hunt is called, and the diablerist is burned. This referendum is not an action, so it cannot be blocked, and action modifiers and reaction cards cannot be played. Otherwise, this referendum is handled just like any other. "

Q: Is it possible to play a Freak Drive at superior if a Mirror Walk at superior was played, and the action was blocked.
A: Mirror Walk ends the action before block resolution. Since the action is ended, it is no longer possible to play other action modifier cards (or effects) for that action.

Q: What is the "block resolution"?
A: If a minion is blocked, the block resolves by locking the blocking minion, and making the acting and blocking minion enter combat with each other. The "lock + enter combat" part is called the block resolution, and is atomic.
Obedience is played "if this vampire is about to enter combat with an acting younger vampire" (that is, right before entering combat). If the "enter combat" is part of a block resolution (e.g., the vampire attempts to block and is about to be successful), the card is played and ends the action before the "lock + enter combat" block resolution: therefore, the blocking vampire is not locked.
Change of Target is played "if this minion is blocked, before block resolution." Since Change of Target ends the action, the block resolution never happens. Therefore, the blocking minion is not locked for blocking. (It would require explicit card text such as Mirror Walk that says: "lock the blocking minion and end the action before block resolution").

Q: So one can now forget to use Perfectionist and The Rack, but can one still forget to use The Coven?
A: Perfectionist and The Rack now say: "you can..." which is an optional effect. The Coven, on the other side, has two effects: an optional one ("lock to add 2 blood...") and a mandatory effect ("During your discard phase, your predator takes control of The Coven."). The optional effect can be "forgotten". However, when you are about to end your discard, the impulse moves to your predator who must take control of the Coven. Therefore, your predator can get an unlocked Coven if you forgot to lock it.

Do you have rules questions? The best place to ask them is either in the forum (subsection Rules Questions) or in the VEKN Facebook group.

Ich persönlich finde die Erläuterungen zu "Carrion Crows" vs. "Nephandus" sehr spannend (2. Frage), weil ich das so nicht wusste. :shock:

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Re: Aus dem aktuellen VEKN Newsletter

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nice to know.
In der Tat... :))):
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