Spell of life

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Spell of life

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was passiert mit den Mumien wenn diese sterben?
- bleiben sie Allies im Ash Jeap oder werden es wieder Vampire?
- wenn Vampir kann man sie via Possesion wieder zurück holen?
- wenn Ally kann man sie via Compell the Spirit zurück holen?

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Re: Spell of life

Post by Azrael »

LSJ 18.02.08

XZealot wrote:
> I put a bunch of mummies into play via the spell of Life. They get
> killed and placed into my ashheap.
> Can I possess them out?

Yes. A card in the ash heap is just a card in the ash heap.

> If someone else puts them into play and they get killed, can I
> daemonic possession them back into play?

No. "That minion" was a mummy, and that card is not a mummy in the ash heap, so
there is no "that minion" to grab.

> If someone else puts them into play and they get killed, can I Compell
> the Spirit/Resurrection them back into play?

No/no, for the same reason. There is no ally to grab.

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