Priority Contract: Does it trigger when a player is ousted?

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Priority Contract: Does it trigger when a player is ousted?

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Ankha wrote:
hardyrange wrote:Hello out there,

this came up yesterday in our casual game, and I was not able to find an answer online:

A player has a Priority Contract on one of her vampires.
Now, that player is ousted... which also means that the vampire in question is about to leave the ready region.
Can the controller of the Priority Contract burn it to cash in on the 3 pool?

Priority Contract
Unique Contract. Trifle. Put this card on a minion controlled by your prey and choose a ready Assamite you control. The chosen Assamite can enter combat with this minion as a +1 stealth action. If this minion would leave the ready region, you can burn this card to gain 3 pool.
Yes. It triggers right before the minion leaves the ready region.

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