1. Platz 18.10.2014: Dreaming of My Scarlet Woman - Bochum

Turnierfähige Decks zu bauen braucht Zeit und Erfahrung. Postet hier Euer Deck und ihr werdet konstruktive Kritik und Verbesserungsvorschläge erhalten.
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1. Platz 18.10.2014: Dreaming of My Scarlet Woman - Bochum

Post by Erol » 20 Oct 2014, 01:10

Deck Name: City of Bleeders
Author: Erol Hammer
Description: Always Govern down if you can, dont discard cards, only if really not necessary, your hand size will compensate that. Later in the game it will be rewarded.

Crypt (Capacity min=5 max=9 avg=7.42; 12 cards)

1x Arcadian, The 8 chi for DOM MYT OBT Kiasyd:5
2x Badr, Shadow of Granada 7 DOM OBT POT Lasombra:5
1x Conrad Adoula 8 ani cel DOM OBT POT Lasombra:4
1x Dame Hollerton 5 myt DOM OBT Kiasyd:4
1x Ermenegildo, The Rake 5 pot DOM OBT Lasombra:4
4x Guillaume Giovanni 9 obt CEL DOM NEC POT Giovanni:4
1x Isanwayen 6 DOM MYT OBT Kiasyd:4
1x Lord Vauxhall 7 DOM OBT POT THA Lasombra:4

Library (90 cards)

Master (19 cards)
1x Anarch Troublemaker
1x Barrens, The
1x Centralized Background Check
1x Coven, The
1x Dummy Corporation
1x Elder Library
1x Elysian Fields
1x House of Sorrow
1x Insurance Scam
1x Metro Underground
1x Morgue Hunting Ground
1x Obtenebration
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Police Department
1x Secure Haven
4x Vessel

Event (2 cards)
1x Scourge of the Enochians
1x Uncoiling, The

Action (17 cards)
1x Dominate Kine
1x Far Mastery
13x Govern the Unaligned
2x Sudario Refraction

Ally (10 cards)
10x Nocturn

Action Modifier (24 cards)
4x Conditioning
2x Seduction
8x Shadow Play
6x Shroud of Absence
2x Shroud of Night
2x Tenebrous Form

Reaction (15 cards)
8x Deflection
3x Delaying Tactics
4x On the Qui Vive

Combat (3 cards)
1x Entombment
2x Shadow Body

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