14.09.2019: Black Forest Base: Ascension, Freiburg

Wart Ihr auf einem Turnier und habt besonderes erlebt was Ihr berichten wollt oder habt gar gewonnen. Hier herein!

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14.09.2019: Black Forest Base: Ascension, Freiburg

Post by Menteith »

Danke für Euer zahlreiches Kommen und das schöne Turnier im Südwesten. Wir haten 14 Spieler aus Freiburg, Darmstadt, Karlsruhe, Mainz, Straßburg, Stuttgart und Titisee-Neustadt. Das werden wir wiederholen!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Rudolf und seine Legionäre :)

1 Rudolf Scholz 1 GW,6 / GW, 3 im Finale (Emerald Legionnaires)
2 Ali Almadhi 2 GW,7 / 1 im Finale (Dmitra & friends multi-act vote)
2 Erol Hammer 1 GW, 4,5 / 1 im Finale (Gr1/2 Malks mit Pranks und Camarilla Segregation)
2 Nico Scholz 1 GW, 3,5 / 0 im Finale (Nephandus rush)
2 Ralf Weppner 2 / 0 im Finale (!Salubri)

DQ Christoph Bertolo 2 GW, 6 VP (Toreador Gun, second seed aber vor Finale zurückgezogen)
6 Jonas Riedel 2 (Nephandus)
7 Richard Scholtes 1,5 (Lasombra bleed)
7 Sebastian Meurer 1,5 (Lazverinus-Grinder)
9 Jennifer auf-den-Kopf-hauen 1 (Tzimisce wall)
10 Marius Iscru 0,5 (Stanislave 25)
11 Angelo Ferroni 0,5 (Tzimisce wall)
12 Aleksander Drakulic 0 (Eurobrujah punch)
13 Björn Soltau 0 (Gr 4/5 Law firm)

(Korrigiert mich gerne bei den Decks)


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Re: 14.09.2019: Black Forest Base: Ascension, Freiburg

Post by Rudolf »

Archon approved. Bericht folgt. 8)
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Re: 14.09.2019: Black Forest Base: Ascension, Freiburg

Post by Rudolf »

Sorry fürs Schreiben auf Englisch, aber da ich die Reports auch immer auf vekn.net veröffentliche, ist es für mich auf diese Weise insgesamt weniger Aufwand ... :wink:
Ich habe mir alle Mühe gegeben, aus dem Gedächtnis heraus so viele Details wie möglich wiederzugeben, übernehme aber keine Gewähr für 100%ige Richtigkeit.
Jeder Teilnehmer des Turniers ist herzlich eingeladen, sich ebenfalls zu Wort zu melden.

Report "Black Forst Base: Ascension", Freiburg/Germany, 14.09.2019

14 players, among them the new Prince of Freiburg, gathered in the "Kainkind" (Childe of Caine) for another episode of the Eternal Struggle.
The "Kainskind" is a welcoming and tidy store run by a fully motivated couple.

Round 1
me, HoS g34 Emerald Legionnaires (ELs) > Nico, Nephandi Anarch Revolt > Erol, Malkavian g12 Stealth Bleed and Vote > Sebastian, !Ventrue g23 Grinder w/ POT
I had a really slow start. Only one EL in the first four or five 5 turns. The Nephandi prospered right from the beginning, assembling a wall to my legions to come.
Erol left unclear for a three, four turns what his deck is really about, then it showed Votes, Bleeds, Judgment: Camarilla Segregation, Malkavian Prank. Sebastian had a normal start, but lacked combat cards.
When the third Segregation hit the table, the others united. I sacrificed Erlik (low on blood and without clear tasks), Nico an Anarch Convert, Sebastian Ingrid Russo. Nevertheless the latter got ousted.
Pool-wise I was okay-ish due to some Liquidations, had two vampires and maybe five ELs, but lacked a clear option to oust my prey, even though she was low on pool, because of six or seven Nephandi.
This all changed when I could bounce a bleed for 5 with 2 stealth, and a new Segregation would remove the last pool. Afterwards my legion motivated Erol to resign. gw 3 vp for me.

Round 2
Nico, Nephandi Anarch Revolt > Marius, Stanislava 25th > Angelo, Tzimisce g23 Toolbox > me, HoS g34 ELs > Christoph, Toreador g23 CEL Gun
Normal start for everyone. A turn 2 Fame on Antonio by Christoph indicated some trouble, which lead to a somehow desperate rush action by Nico: Monica Chang rushed unequipped Marcellus.
Lots of cycling via Infernal Pursuit, a concealed Magnum, and everything seemed to be clear. It ended with Monica on one blood, Marcellus on two blood, and no Magnum due to Target Hands.
After that either the Nephandi and the ELs built up at ease (and enjoyed Unmasking), putting Marius and Christoph under a lot of pressure. Angelo did his best to assist them in resisting, but could not do much.
Stanislava got rushed to torpor by a Molotov Cocktail swinging Nephandus, another one did the clean-up. Marius tried a back-oust via Ancilla Empowerment, which got delayed.
I tried to oust Christoph as fast as possible, but lost some EL, he finally equipped with a new Magnum and showed a lot of wakes.
Christoph seemed to be out of options to prevent Marius from being ousted by the Nephandi hordes, but tried an Eagle's Sight on the final bleed. DI by me.
When I finally managed to oust Christoph, it was a race for the game-win between the two ally decks, leaving Angelo not only as a statist, he found his minions rushed away and eaten one after the other.
I tried to lounge and win the race, but Nico bounced the decisive bleed 30 seconds before time-out and secured the game-win. 1.5 vp for me.

Round 3
Jenny, Den of Fiends > me, HoS g34 EL > Jonas, !Tremere g34 w/ Nephandi > Marius, Stanislava 25th > Sebastian, !Ventrue g23 Grinder w/ POT
Jonas did not have Antonio in his starting crypt, and he tried two times to get him, in vain, giving him a slow start.
I could not benefit much from that, since the Tzimisce were quite reactive, thus again I had to consider well if I could actually recruit allies.
Marius without pressure built up constantly, leaving Sebastian in the unconfortable situation without his star vampire (Lazverinus) with a wallish prey and a stealth voter predator.
I re-balanced things a bit with a Giant's Blood on Heroic Might tuned Kyle Strathconda. Liquidations gave me a fair amount of pool and allowed me to call for one or two ELs in the unlock phase regularly.
Since Jonas showed some combat I lost some of my legionnaires and, alas, two vampires in the attempt to oust him quickly.
Thus I lacked enough ousting power for Stanislava & her friends, but none of the other managed an oust either. 1.5 vp for me, leaving me with 1 gw 6 vp. => 3rd rank, 2nd after the drop of the 2nd rank (Christoph).

1st Ali, Dmitra & Friends Stealth Vote and Bleed
2nd me, HoS g34 EL
3rd Erol, Malkavian g12 Stealth Bleed and Vote
4th Nico, Nephandi Anarch Revolt
5th Ralf, !Salubri g34 Toolbox

Seating Dance:
Nico > Ralf
Nico > Erol > Ralf
Nico > me > Erol > Ralf
Nico > me > Erol > Ralf > Ali

Ali is starting player. No crypt acceleration.
Nico drops a Anarch Revolt.
I have a nice crypt: Babalawo, Nicomedes and two times Erlik. I decide to go for Babalawo first to be able to act soon. I do not have to care about the Revolt because of Liquidation.
Erol tranfers, so does Ralf.

Ali again without acceleration.
Nico brings out Antonio, who becomes Anarch via Convert.
Babalawo enters the game, and I drop Unmasking.
Erol shows Gilbert Duane, Ralf Langa.

Dmitra enters the game on Ali's side.
First Nephandus for Nico.
I succesfully call for an EL.
Erol brings a Judgment: Camarilla Segregation into the game. Zebulon joins his ranks, Ralf army is improved by Nkechi.

The Revolt is gone, Judgment: Camarilla Segregation gone (Ralf sacrificed a Brother in Arms). The game evolves.
Ali votes, Armin Brenner needs only two more rounds because of Information Highway.
Nico spawns Nephandi, but plays a waiting game, helped by The Slow Withering.
I have a regurlar flow of new ELs, helped by Babalawo's special, and Liquidations, and Erlik and Nicomedes improve my situation additionally.
Erol seems to be in a good position (with three Malkavian) to oust Ralf (with three !Salubri), but fails to oust him due to Aversions.

I guess it was in Ali's 7th or 8th turn, where Erol proposed Ali to back-oust Ralf. He offered Parity Shifts on Nico in return, and also pointed out that I would probably oust him AND Ralf in my next turn (true).
Ali had more than 10 pool, Nico 8 (six minions), me 9 (seven minions, all locked), Erol 3, Ralf 2.
Ali called a KRC, DI by me. KRC again, 2 prey and 2 on predator. Ralf ousted. Forced March.
Ancilla Empowerment, I try Delaying tactics, but Erol plays Dark Influences, preventing Nico from playing her Delaying Tactics, too. Nico ousted. Slow Withering gone.
Ali bleeds for one with a stolen Nephandus, On the Qui Vive EL. Bleed Armin, Eyes of Argus with Erlik, bounce to Erol. Ali ends his turn with 22 pool.

1 pool only. I spawn 2 more ELs. My Liquidation gets washed (I should have kept the other one instead of babalawoing it). ELs bleed. Erol ousted. +6 pool.
I manage to block Ali's damaging actions against me. He finishes his 2 vampires (due to Majesty) and the Nephandus unlocked.
ELs bleed, some get blocked. Erlik with only 1 blood manages to pass his bleed around the Nephandus, and plays Inevitability of the Void, for 7!
One EL recruits Carlton, thus the Nephandus has no Intercept against the action.
Ali starts his turn on 11 pool, invests 3 in a Monastery of Shadows.
Dmitra tries a vote action, but Carlton blocks successfully. Majesty superior.
Ali checks his hand again, and resigns.
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Someone losing his last pool because he did not pay attention is a regular source of VPs.


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