31.05.14 Continental Championship Qualifier 2014: Bochum

Wart Ihr auf einem Turnier und habt besonderes erlebt was Ihr berichten wollt oder habt gar gewonnen. Hier herein!

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Re: 31.05.14 Continental Championship Qualifier 2014: Bochum

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borrelstein wrote: Jorg, kontest du das Garou-killer Nocturn Deck hier posten?
Style-Award fuer dich :party:
Vielen Dank! Das Deck habe ich hier gepostet: http://forum.vekn.de/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=7422 und freue mich über Verbesserungsvorschläge.

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Re: 31.05.14 Continental Championship Qualifier 2014: Bochum

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Ein bisschen Feedback aus den niederländischen Foren:
Oortje wrote:This tournament was Awesome!!! I hadn't had this much fun playing games in a long while.

The final was ectually fun to play. There should be more finals like this! F### table control!! F### balance!!! Go Anarchy!!!

Congrats bram with another tournament win!
Borrelstein wrote:Very enjoyable tournament, even for those who did not manage a game win :P
I hope to see many familiar faces in the upcoming tournament in Utrecht!
gotcha wrote:Indeed Jeroen, probably the most fun final I ever played, and not just becuz I won - )
Really tense (the good tense) and very fun moments!
And definitely try to be in Utrecht with a Belgian delegation!!
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