Gast am 7.4. in Frankfurt oder Umgebung

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Gast am 7.4. in Frankfurt oder Umgebung

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Hi Jungs,

folgende Anfrage kam vor kurzem. Ich bin leider nicht da an diesen Tagen. Möchte jemand einen Spielabend organisieren?

from: Exposer

I am a vampire from Belarus. Participant of two last EC.
Now I am going to work almost in Nuremberg in two weeks.
Of cause I'll took an interesting deck with me. And I believe that I'll find anybody to play with.
I hope I will meet anybody in your wonderful country.
Previously I faced a problem, as Nuremberg community was not active and I didn't manage to meet anybody. It looks like in Frankfurt community is more active. In Frankfurt I have an airplane in the April of 8 at afternoon. So If I could arrive in Frankfurt in 7-th of April and get some organization help from your side (including friendly meeting, finding some cards and overnight somehow) then I manage to meet your vampires, play some games, enjoy your communication and take my airplane next day. So is it possible?
I think it would be an unforgettable experience.
Be waiting for your answer. Thanx!

Ich habe noch nie etwas vergessen. Das wüsste ich.

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