Lord Ashton's Sonderfähigkeit

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Lord Ashton's Sonderfähigkeit

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die eine Regelfrage zu einer neuen Karte vom Prerelease-Turnier in Bochum (Didi hatte da eine Idee zum Missbrauch der Sonderfähigkeit von Lord Ashton) habe ich mir mittlerweile beantworten lassen (nein, geht nicht 8) )...


From: LSJ (vtesrep@white-wolf.com)
Subject: Re: [Rules Q] Special ability of Lord Ashton
Newsgroups: rec.games.trading-cards.jyhad
Date: 2003-05-19 05:48:57 PST

Hardy Range wrote:
> Hi all,
> regarding the special ability of Lord Ashton we had a question on our
> Prerelease yesterday.
> Lacking the exact card text, I cite the text as it was spoiled here in
> the group some days ago, which is a good approximation of what I
> remember from yesterday:
> Lord Ashton: 5, ANI pro for, Gangrel Independent
> Any other gangrel can perform a 1 stealth action to search through
> his own library for a master: discipline of ANI FOR PRO. Put that card
> on the acting vampire.
> What happens, when a Gangrel already has all three disciplines at
> superior?

He can't put the card on himself (card text on the discipline card).

> Can she then take the action nonetheless, even when it is clear that
> she cannot find an eligible card?


> Further, to make the idea behind this cler:
> In the case when the acting Gangrel _does_ have one discipline at
> inferior, so clearly is allowed to take the action, but another
> dicipline at superior:
> Can a master: discipline card be retrieved from the library for the
> discipline already at superior?

No. In this case, the search (for one of the non-superior Discipline
cards) fails and no card is retrieved.

> What happens in this case with the card?


> The player yesterday had the idea that this could be a quite useful
> way to weed unnecessary discipline cards from the library, reasoning
> that you could search for a discipline card, then see that it could
> not be placed on the acting vampire (ideally, because he already has
> ecverything at superior), so had to go to the ash heap...
> After a night's sleep, I tend to think that only allowed master:
> discipline cards can be retrieved from the library, so the trick
> described above would not work...

If it wasn't "search" but, like Vast Wealth, "grab the first master: D"
you find in your library working down, then, as with Vast Wealth, the
illegal card would be retrieved and burned (with no other cost or effect).

But it's not.

Similarly, A vampire with a Sport Bike cannot use Magic of the Smith to
fish out a Hawg (just to discard the Hawg from the library).

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