Official card text updates Juli 2021

Alles zum Thema VTES, das anderswo nicht passt – insbesondere auch Info zu kommenden Produkten
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Official card text updates Juli 2021

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Aus dem Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Newsletter July 2021 ... -july-2021

Also from Vincent Ripoll, the official card text database has been updated, effective 09/07/2021 (DD/MM/YYYY):

Daliah: Gaining blood is now optional.
De Sade: All vampires (including the ones which the same controller) must burn blood to vote against De Sade's referendums.
Inside Dirt: Burns 3 blood or 3 pool, instead of 2.
Public Vilification: The blood stolen is now distributed among vampires.
Show of Force: The vampire can gain +2 strength at superior instead of +1 strength.
Vivienne Géroux: Can now play cards requiring basic Celerity and/or Fortitude as an Anarch vampire. (This includes Forced March and Diversion).
Also, note that there is a typo on Illegalism in the Kickstarter version of Anarch Unbound: The [chi] effect should read "This is a +1 stealth action." instead of "This action a +1 stealth action." This is a typo – there is no practical difference in these two wordings.

Also, some have asked what happened to the Mind´s Eye Theater promo card Alicia Cortez? The card was released on March 31, and is tournament legal as of that date. It has been added to the card database.

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