Anthology Set Reprint und was danach kommt....

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Anthology Set Reprint und was danach kommt....

Post by hardyrange » 25 Jul 2018, 19:12

Diskussion am 23.07.2018: ... rint/89255
tksolway wrote:Does anyone know whether or not the Anthology will be available through Drivethrucards at some point in the future?
BenPeal wrote:Yep. Real soon now.

Ebenfalls am 23.07.2018: ... next/89256
BenPeal wrote:Real soon now: Anthology

Kinda soon: an "anarch essentials" bundle

Sometime after that, when we get all the artwork: four Sabbat clan-themed pre-constructed decks

Way down the road, but being worked on: A boxed set of Camarila clan-themed decks

Probably sometime between the "anarchs essentials" bundle and the Camarilla boxed set, and hopefully in sync with the Sabbat decks: a Danse Macabre bundle

(all of this is totally subject to change, 'cause it sure as shit has changed over the past few months)

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