Online VTES tournament via Lackey

Wart Ihr auf einem Turnier und habt besonderes erlebt was Ihr berichten wollt oder habt gar gewonnen. Hier herein!

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Online VTES tournament via Lackey

Post by blackkn8 » 09 Nov 2018, 11:49

Dear Kindred of modern Age:

Long have you been prospering your schemes in the eternal darkness of your isolated tomb...

The world around you has changed !

No longer will you ride on mere mortal horses, or travel by ship in an uncomfortable coffin ! Instead you will link your strong mind to the world wide web, and fight in an Eternal Struggle of unseen Dimension !


Event Date: 11th-November-2018
Event Location: Online LackeyCCG
Country: Worldwide
Event Coordinators: Igor Beslin, Martin Weinmayer
Head Judge: Martin Weinmayer
Multi-judge system: Yes
Format: Standard Constructed
# of rounds: 2+F
Time limit per round: 2.5 hours
Final round time limit: 2.5 hours
Start time: 3pm CET
Entry fee: Free


Exclusive Champion Title: Relentless Reaper 2018

Get recognized as true Champion !
Our reward system will show off this title beside your name for the rest of your eternal unlife.

Get rating points for Online World Ranking

Advance in the ranks of our most accomplished VTES players !
Online World Ranking soon to be on

Win a full set of the infamous Berlin Anthology Pack

Making its first appeareance at the European Championship in 2017,
this set sports some of the most valuable cards out there !
For a full checklist look here:


Send your Lackey Nickname and Real Name at

More Details also shown at: ... ckey#91496

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