Black Chantry Anarch Set

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Black Chantry Anarch Set

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Aus dem Vampire: Elder Kindred Network Newsletter December 2019: ... ember-2019
As the conflict between the Camarilla and Anarchs is one of the central themes of V5 Vampire: the Masquerade, we're also in the middle of development of pre-constructed decks for the Anarch clans. We expect to start playtesting of those decks (and new cards for them!) at the end of January.
Something we've started with this year's Continental Championship promo cards is putting the "world" back into the World of Darkness, expanding the Princedoms to more cities and more places around the globe. That will continue with the Camarilla and Anarch decks. The Fifth Edition Camarilla decks will have the goals of providing an enjoyable experience within the box, teaching you how to play VTES, showing off the traits and qualities of each clan, and also being strong enough to be played outside of the boxed set. Expect to see some classic archetypes, such as Toreador Grand Ball and Ventrue Law Firm, but also some new twists, such as the bolstering of the Nosferatu. The Anarch decks will follow a similar path for the Anarch clans, such as Brujah and Gangrel, but will also see further development of Anarchs as a sect, with new Baronies and new Anarch three-way cards.

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