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FELDB (Fragment of the Elder Library Deck Builder)

Posted: 01 Dec 2008, 12:20
by hardyrange
Finally it is done. Thank you for your patient :)

You can download the FELDB from the official site:

- If you are using Inventory, for the last time you should export your
- In the future you don't need this anymore. :)
- Unzip the files to your FELDB directory
- Import your Inventory
In the future you can update FELDB database online, from the FELDB


Posted: 05 Jun 2009, 14:46
by hardyrange
FELDB updated mit Ebony Kingdom:
Dear FELDB Users,
you can update now your FELDB from menu.

The new expansion is included to the update form OFFICIAL csv file, so
please do not hurry. :)

I also fixed some issues, bugs, etc... thanks to everybody who helped

I strongly suggest to donwload the new executable, what includes the
new filtering criteria, like "Skin", "Ebony Kingdom", etc..

I have no images for yet for the new cards. :/


Posted: 15 Mar 2010, 14:27
by blueporky
FELDB updated mit Heirs to the Blood
Dear All,
please check the new version of FELDB :)

version 2.5.2
- New expansion set included: Heirs to the Blood.
- New features: VEKN Number, Event's Date, Event's Name on the
DeckInfo tab (for organizers and princes)
- All known database bug fixed.
- Fixed DeckManager. (no overwrite; show legality)

If you are regular user, just donwload the new executable, overwrite
it and run.
Then use menu FELDB/Update cardlist from... and have fun.

New pictures:

For New Users:

Fixed bugs: (thanks)
- Abjure requires a 'Redemeer';
- 'pool' and 'Pool' are sorted separately, as are 'blood' and
- many anarch cards require anarchAnimalism/Celerity/Obtenebration or
- Luna Giovanni has '1vote' and thus doesn't show up when filtering
for '1 vote' titled;
- Joseph Cambridge has no title despite being a bishop;
- Evan Rogers has 'celqui';
- Enkidu is listed as having PRE instead of PRO...

PLEASE REPORT ME EVERY MISSTYPES, or functionality bug...

best regards,
Link zu der NewsGroup : ... ca8aaa9fa#

Re: FELDB (Fragment of the Elder Library Deck Builder)

Posted: 22 May 2017, 17:57
by hardyrange
Neueste Version, inkl. der Karten aus dem Anthology Set:
FELD database updated with Anthology Set cards.
Link: ...
To install just create a copy / backup of your current FELD database (vtes.db file), unpack the zip file from above link inside FELD main folder and have a fun.
You can download card image files here: ... ... 991193072/